Just like a shell that protects and nurtures its pearl, the SHELL hotel offers its guests a pleasant sanctuary from the hustle of the modern world, providing them with the opportunity to experience luxury, comfort, and relaxation in a serene environment.

Relax on the sandy beach, immerse yourself in the crystal-clear sea

The sandy beach in front of the SHELL hotel is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Montenegrin coast. Spacious sandy shore, turquoise blue sea, and unique sunsets create breathtaking, memorable, and captivating views that you will cherish and talk about.

Enjoy a picturesque walk to Budva or Kamenovo

An additional advantage of the SHELL hotel's location is the seaside walking path that leads to nearby tourist attractions such as Kamenovo and Budva. This pathway can be used and enjoyed throughout the year, each season offering different impressions.

Imagine evening strolls, embracing a gentle breeze and sound of the sea waves

As you walk towards Budva, the Queen of the Mediterranean, you will discover hidden coves, picturesque landscapes, and all that beauty of the nature that Montenegro is so proud of.

Personalized care, attention to details

Our dedicated and friendly staff is always at your disposal, providing personalized attention during your stay at the SHELL hotel.
Ready to cater to your needs and desires, our courteous staff will ensure that you enjoy each and every aspect of your stay.

We care about every aspect, pay attention to the slightest details, aiming to make your stay in line with our mission: luxurious, comfortable, and cozy.

Feel free to ask us for recommendations on how to make your vacation unforgettable

If you need recommendations for visiting local attractions, exploring cultural heritage, or organizing full-day tours and excursions, our friendly staff will provide you with all the information and assistance.

In an effort to offer our guests an added value, we have established partnerships with renowned tourist agencies. While enjoying the coziness of the Hotel Shell's enterior, you will be able to plan your stay down to the smallest detail and discover all the charms and perks of staying in Montenegro.

Excursion and additional activity planning will be easy for you

If you are arriving with your own vehicle, you will be pleased to know that we offer on-demand parking service. Our trained staff will ensure that your car is accommodated in a nearby parking area and is available to you when you need it. Please contact us to learn more about this amenity.

We have also thought about guests who arrive without their own vehicle and have established a partnership with a renowned Rent-a-Car agency that will provide you with a vehicle that suits your needs for the adventures you plan to embark on.

Rejuvenate your body and prepare for new adventures

After exploring the beauty of Montenegro and filling your day with new experiences, when you return to the SHELL hotel, full of impressions but also tired, you will be delighted with the opportunity to use our luxurious sauna.

We are happy to offer our guests a chance to relax their body and soul after an exciting day. A visit to the hotel’s sauna will help refresh and revitalize your body.

Our modern, fully equipped sauna provides a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable temperature, creating ideal conditions for relaxation and detoxification. It will help relax your muscles, improve circulation, boost your immune system, and reduce stress.

You will feel refreshed, relaxed, and replenished with energy for further exploration and enjoyment of the beauty of Montenegro.